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If the kit still fits, you must not quit it

Back when I bought the Felt 4C road bike that got me into serious cycling, I could not resist the kit sold on the Felt Cycling website. It was a Hincapie brand jersey and a set of bibs that finally … Continue reading

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The adventures of Road Child and Aero Boy

Way back in 2003, I decided that it might be interesting to try triathlon. But it didn’t start well. I took my first couple swim lessons and lost one of my contact lenses in the pool while taking my goggles … Continue reading

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Finding your motivation

It would be nice if the motivation to work out and improve performance could be stumbled upon like some glowing blue object in a video game. “Oh look!” you could marvel. “A big chunk of motivation! I’ll put that in … Continue reading

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Getting Felt up and still riding

Two years ago in October I drove into the garage of my house with my Felt 4C bike still perched on the roof of my Subaru. It bent the front fork but as it turned out, the main frame of … Continue reading

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A successful experiment with the Waterford bike

A while back I wrote about the difficulty I’ve been having at the competitive level in duathlons and triathlons getting good results in the bike segment. No matter how hard I rode on my Felt 4C, or how I managed … Continue reading

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10 bikes you’ll never see on the market

At We Run and Ride, we confess to a certain lust for new bikes. When the annual Bike Porn issues from Bicycling or Velo magazines, we pore through the reviews wondering what it would really be like to own one of … Continue reading

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On why the cycling world seems obsessed with the colors red, white and black

By Christopher Cudworth True to the Red, White and Black. That’s the world of cycling. In fact a recent review of new bikes in Bicycling magazine made mention of the fact that so many road bikes seem to feature a … Continue reading

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Cycling is no cheap sport. For sure.

As a runner I used to think I spent a lot on my sport. 3-6 pairs of running shoes a year cost a couple few hundred dollars or so. But then I became a cyclist, and turned my pockets inside … Continue reading

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Hanging out with a great bike

Everyone who rides has a bike history. It’s unavoidable. For example, my brother-in-law took up cycling in his early 20s. First he bought a steel frame Trek 400, a decent bike for its time. As he got into riding I … Continue reading

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