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If the kit still fits, you must not quit it

Back when I bought the Felt 4C road bike that got me into serious cycling, I could not resist the kit sold on the Felt Cycling website. It was a Hincapie brand jersey and a set of bibs that finally … Continue reading

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The cyclist’s lament

Parked at the Wilson Street entrance to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, I glanced up to find a cyclist dressed in an Army kit waiting for the light to change. Without stopping him to ask about his connection to the military, … Continue reading

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Not So Original sins and #modernproblems for those who run and ride

This morning my iPhone nearly ran out of battery life. As I lay in bed tapping the screen to look at the posts of Friends on Facebook the red indictor slipped from 12% to 7% and down to 3%. And … Continue reading

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Base layers and kits that fit

By Christopher Cudworth Back when I started cycling in 2003 or so, I headed to the store and purchased some Pearl Izumi stuff that was real cycling gear. Some nice Descente shorts too. Kits that fit. Yet somehow the jerseys … Continue reading

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On why the cycling world seems obsessed with the colors red, white and black

By Christopher Cudworth True to the Red, White and Black. That’s the world of cycling. In fact a recent review of new bikes in Bicycling magazine made mention of the fact that so many road bikes seem to feature a … Continue reading

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Standing up for MAMILs and MISRS

By Christopher Cudworth The Internet has been great for proliferation of acronyms, particularly cynical names for targets of lust and disgust. The term MILF comes to mind, which stands for Mother I’d Like to F***, in case you didn’t know. … Continue reading

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Is your running and riding equipment a tool or a toy?

By Christopher Cudworth When you are small and people give you birthday presents made of plastic in the shape of a hammer, screwdriver or wrench, people think it’s cute that a little kid likes to play with toys that look … Continue reading

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