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Changing management practices spell the end of hosting country meets at county forest preserves

A friend and former cross country coach named Jeff Leavey noted on Facebook that the Kane County Forest Preserve district board voted to boot all cross country programs out of the parks starting in 2021. The board may have an … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about sexualization in women’s sports in one image

This morning my Facebook news feed opened up to reveal a telling juxtaposition of two images and competing headlines. The first story link documents the decision by German gymnastics competitors to wear full body suits rather than participate in the … Continue reading

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Olympic-sized pressures

A week ago the Linkedin group The Female Lead that I follow posted an image of three ‘women of color’ athletes who won’t be competing at the Olympics due to “rules” they supposedly broke in the past few months. The … Continue reading

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Mulberry Fields Forever

The iconic song Strawberry Fields by John Lennon celebrates the place he used to visit as a child where his mind could wander. Apart from the restrictions of society, he felt inspired and freed from false expectations. Let me take … Continue reading

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It’s Friday. Let’s talk some more about butt cheeks.

As I’ve written before, butt cheeks are everywhere these days. From fashion-leading Instagram models to earnest guys sporting thongs on the beach, butt cheeks are no longer banned from public view. A friend just posted this photo on Instagram of … Continue reading

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A long, strange trip with drinking alcohol

If you’d rather hear me share this blog in a Podcast, give the Spotify link a tap. One of my favorite drinks is a simple Jack and Coke. It doesn’t take much to mix one up. Just pour the whisky … Continue reading

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Fireworks on our minds

Our family once had a blast setting off fireworks on the 4th of July. For the most part, they were the legal kind easily available here in Illinois. On several occasions, we also brought home louder, more dangerous fireworks from … Continue reading

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Among the hills of Madison, Wisconsin

Those of us who live in the Illinois part of the Midwest know that hills are a rarie-sh commodity. In our section of Kane County we have Johnson’s Mound, a glacial esker rising some ninety feet over the surrounding flat … Continue reading

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Going fast and built to last

The cycling season has ramped up kind of slow for me this year. For the last few seasons, we’ve gone to a triathlon camp that kicks fitness into gear. Like most athletes, I need that sustained period of training to … Continue reading

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