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Among the hills of Madison, Wisconsin

Those of us who live in the Illinois part of the Midwest know that hills are a rarie-sh commodity. In our section of Kane County we have Johnson’s Mound, a glacial esker rising some ninety feet over the surrounding flat … Continue reading

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Summer engagements and the drivetrain of love

Yet, it tends to be a greasy chain of love and trust upon which we depend to drive our relationships. We wish it could always stay shiny and clean and working like new, but it doesn’t. Like all collaborative relationships, the drivetrain of love accumulates a little dirt and history along the way. Unresolved feelings tug and pull. A collection of hurts or neglect gets jammed in the links. A gritty conversation or two creates noise and wears down the components. The drag of past relationships gets in the way. All need to be maintained and cleaned up with regular purpose and practice, lest we break a chain and have to start all over again. Continue reading

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