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Where Playboy converged with reality

In the Age of Naked Selfies and hacked celebrity smartphones, it is hard to recall the time when nudity was dispensational, handed out like wafers at a Catholic communion ceremony. For a while, that right was owned by the likes … Continue reading

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Not the retiring type

In the middle of the first mile of a 4.5 mile run the other morning, my body was not exactly cooperating. Everything felt sluggish and slow. In fact I was trundling along at 11:00 per mile pace. Things eventually improved, … Continue reading

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Drawing on years of experience

I’ve been a runner basically since I was born. Skinny. Energetic. Can’t sit still. Love to run. I’ve also always been obsessed with art all my life. Sketching. Painting. Love to draw. Along the way in life, these two interests … Continue reading

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Doritos patriotism makes its stand

Two weeks ago while grocery shopping at Woodman’s, the Employee Owned megastore with enough space to land a B-52 in the meat section, I turned the corner after picking up some La Croix water to find an entire aisle stacked … Continue reading

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Spoken and unspoken words

We headed out into the humid, hot weather on bikes this past Saturday. At 6:45 a.m. the surface of our sunglasses fogged over with moisture. The day was clear but the road ahead looked hazy. We gathered momentum in any … Continue reading

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How do you view yourself as a runner?

Recently I did a little sketch of a male and female runner together. While drawing it, I was thinking about the runners I know that have the best form, at full speed. As a lifelong artist, I have always enjoyed … Continue reading

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Knowing what’s really “good for you”

I suppose we all go through a weepy teenage stage of sorts. That period in life when we feel like wounded birds bleeding complaint and laziness from our ears. Then we retreat into music of one type or another, and … Continue reading

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On hazing and being caught up in the moment

Yesterday on one of my other blogs (Genesisfix) I posted a commentary on the case of some Wheaton College football players accused of violently hazing a fellow student. The account published in the Chicago Tribune was harrowing. The football players … Continue reading

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Embracing the unincorporated you

Fall can be such a conflicted season. With the weather changing from warm to cool, there are still hot days in September that fool you into thinking the weather is not really going to change. Just yesterday while starting out … Continue reading

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The TriSherpa’s role

There are four weeks until my wife’s Ironman in Louisville. Her training is going well. That is not to say it is going easily. Fifteen miles of running on a mid-September day with temps in the 80s is a sweaty … Continue reading

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