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25 meters of joy

Learning to swim again has taken more than a year. That’s because there’s a balance between developing form good enough to swim efficiently, and then building muscles and endurance to support the effort. But there’s real progress happening now. I’m … Continue reading

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So many Sunday mornings

I’ve been a churchgoer by choice even since I was a little kid, and even when my parents attended a church ten miles away from our home in Elburn, Illinois, I chose to be confirmed at a Congregational Church three … Continue reading

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Four miles and counting turkeys

The ability to download results almost immediately after a race these days is a remarkable feature of modern competitions. You can walk from the finish line of a triathlon over to a guy sitting under a canopy and get a … Continue reading

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Tapering for a Turkey Trot

I’m running four miles tomorrow and you know, that’s a long, long way. I mean, four miles is 21,120 feet. That’s about 7,040 steps if every stride is three feet. So in order to prepare for this race I started … Continue reading

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Sharing a pup named Chuck

In a few weeks, my life will change once again. That’s when our dog Chuck will begin living with my daughter Emily. She’s been working toward this goal for some time, and is finally getting out on her own with … Continue reading

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Making it happen

This past summer while shopping for running shoes at Naperville Running Company, I met a young man that worked at the shop during breaks between school years at North Central College. We talked about running for a bit and one … Continue reading

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Baby’s got back

This swimming thing is turning out to be a blessing on a number of fronts. As the combination of learned form and increased endurance add up, it is finally possible to enjoy the experience of being in the pool. Up … Continue reading

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Bad gas

November is the time of year that we all try to clean up our yards. For many people, that means bagging or raking leaves out to the curb. I prefer to mulch them and distribute the fine fragments of leaves … Continue reading

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Running into temptation

On the heels of publication of my writing and illustration in Runner’s World magazine, a race director in another state contacted me about donating work to their cause. It made sense. The race was a fundraiser for an arts center. … Continue reading

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Circumstance sometimes really can make the man or woman

Between the sophomore and junior year of my college experience, summer jobs were hard to find. The economy was sputtering in the late 1970s due to the centrifugal force of world politics and America’s sagging malaise coming off the exhaustion … Continue reading

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