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The bumper crop of America

When I stepped out of my vehicle in the Remote Parking Lot at O’Hare airport, it shocked me to look at the front end of the car across from mine. There was an adult killdeer smashed into the grill. Killdeer … Continue reading

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Try something different today

On mornings when I drop my wife at the train for her commute, I circle around to Graham’s 318, a coffee shop on quaint little Third Street in Geneva, Illinois. But given the fact that I don’t like coffee, that … Continue reading

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Some days it pays to weed your own mind

Last night… Hoo boy, last night’s run was really hot. And humid. I ran 5.7 miles at 9:34 pace and it felt like a lot more miles than that. I even walked at some points. At some points the humidity … Continue reading

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When triathletes go senile

My mother’s main wish in life was to never lose her mental faculties. She dreaded the idea of losing her memory or getting, as she called it, senile. That’s a rather outdated term in the post-modern era. With Baby Boomers … Continue reading

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How to believe in yourself

It might be nice if we were all born with this insane built-in confidence and the ability to believe in ourselves. But the truth of the matter is that life has a way of kicking us around. When underlying genetic predispositions … Continue reading

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Far from washed up as a runner

I well remember the first time I thought I was washed up as a runner. During vacation I was running slowly down a long incline at Glacier National Park. My left hip felt sore. It really hurt. I was in … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bedford Falls. Or is this Pottersville?

The coffee shop named Graham’s 318 is where I often sit to write this blog. It is situated in a pretty section of Geneva, Illinois collectively known as Third Street. Like many shops up and down Third Street, Graham’s is … Continue reading

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Meet the Mink

Years ago while out birdwatching, a real, live mink climbed a tree and sat there looking at me. At the time, I did not know mink could climb trees. Even with my keen interest in nature, there are still a lot … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene Triathlon

I recently did some simple calculations, adding up the number of hours spent outside running and riding. It totals more than 7,000 hours, approximately 40,000 miles of running over a lifetime and just as many on the bike. 80,000 or … Continue reading

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Your place in the parade

I don’t know if you have ever participated in a parade, but I have. It’s both a wonderful and a strange thing to be sitting on a float or marching along next to some display or vehicle decorated for the … Continue reading

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