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How to believe in yourself

It might be nice if we were all born with this insane built-in confidence and the ability to believe in ourselves. But the truth of the matter is that life has a way of kicking us around. When underlying genetic predispositions … Continue reading

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Far from washed up as a runner

I well remember the first time I thought I was washed up as a runner. During vacation I was running slowly down a long incline at Glacier National Park. My left hip felt sore. It really hurt. I was in … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bedford Falls. Or is this Pottersville?

The coffee shop named Graham’s 318 is where I often sit to write this blog. It is situated in a pretty section of Geneva, Illinois collectively known as Third Street. Like many shops up and down Third Street, Graham’s is … Continue reading

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Meet the Mink

Years ago while out birdwatching, a real, live mink climbed a tree and sat there looking at me. At the time, I did not know mink could climb trees. Even with my keen interest in nature, there are still a lot … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene Triathlon

I recently did some simple calculations, adding up the number of hours spent outside running and riding. It totals more than 7,000 hours, approximately 40,000 miles of running over a lifetime and just as many on the bike. 80,000 or … Continue reading

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Your place in the parade

I don’t know if you have ever participated in a parade, but I have. It’s both a wonderful and a strange thing to be sitting on a float or marching along next to some display or vehicle decorated for the … Continue reading

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