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No date with destiny, but a lesson or two worth learning

In 1981 the world was going nuts for running. The second phase of the American running boom was in full swing. As an avid runner, I thought (and was sincerely hoping) that it might mean women would find me more … Continue reading

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The Dragoon and The Blaggard

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us like a good revenge story. Almost every Clint Eastwood movie from the 1970s was about revenge. You know the plot. Cowboy gets beat up. Cowboy goes into hiding. Cowboy … Continue reading

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Reverse psychology at the indoor track

I joined a training partner yesterday for an indoor track workout. He was doing 4 X 1M and I had time to get in a couple intervals with him and we had fun, doing both at 7:00 pace. But it … Continue reading

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Shut up and run

Perhaps you’ve been through a phase in life in which you’re not so proud, or weren’t so happy. It’s quite common for example at 19 or 20 years old, to go all Goth in the head and question everything you … Continue reading

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Think purple for Pat Hill today

For all its Big Box glory and global commerce, America still tries to support its local treasures. One of those local treasures sits in the little town of Kaneville, 45 miles west of Chicago. As a farming town for more … Continue reading

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Honey I Shrunk The Bike

I have a confession to make. I’m sitting here eating the last bowl of cereal from a box of Cap’n Crunch that I purchased on sale at our local Jewel grocery store. It was a bit of nostalgia to into … Continue reading

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Hybrid dreams

  Midway through my ride yesterday, I turned right from Burr Road onto Silver Glen Road heading east toward a bridge across the Fox River. It was a mellow ride thus far, a bit of recovery two days after the … Continue reading

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Share and share alike

One of the interesting aspects of endurance sports like swimming, cycling and running is that there is so much to share. Essentially, there are four ways to share. Share your experience. When you have knowledge to share, it can really … Continue reading

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Why your training (and thinking) must evolve

The notion of fitness is a key element of the theory of evolution.┬áIn nature, being fit for life means having the ability to survive. There are trillions of examples of this principle in operation every day. Evolution through time has … Continue reading

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Explaining the lure of triathlon to someone who doesn’t

From the outside looking in, the sport of triathlon certainly looks insane. Magic Marker numbers scrawled on bare skin. Tight racing suits, radical sunglasses and a strange variety of hats and helmets. Bikes that look more like wine bottle openers … Continue reading

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