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50 Years of Running: Of Stinky Feet and Blinding Stress

In 1995 I was thirty-eight years old with a wife and two kids, and suddenly, out of work. The ENVIRONS business I’d cobbled together with a spate of contracts fizzled out with the failure of the development company to land … Continue reading

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A good deal underfoot

The first set of running orthotics that I purchased in the early 1990s were fitted and designed by Dr. John Durkin, who served as a podiatrist to world-class runners such as Sebastian Coe, Craig Virgin and Jim Spivey. The inserts … Continue reading

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A running experiment that actually seems to be working

I’ve worn orthotics in my running shoes for a long time. Probably twenty-five years. The first pair was prescribed by a podiatrist with whom I had a working relationship as a graphic designer and produced the cover and illustrations for … Continue reading

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Shedding the shoe condoms

Earlier this week I got up to run and realized that my full-length orthotics were still in a pair of shoes perched in the back of the car my wife drove to early morning swimming. I thought about that for … Continue reading

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Sandals vs. orthotics

During the early 1980s, I illustrated a book on running biomechanics that was authored by Dr. John Durkin (deceased) and famed running coach Joe Newton of York high school (also deceased). Durkin was a podiatrist to some world-class athletes including … Continue reading

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The question of orthotics

A few years back when I first signed on to get orthotics, a friend wondered teasingly if I’d replied to one of those ads for penis enlargement. “You’re getting orthodicks?” he chuckled. Actually, I made that up. But it illustrates … Continue reading

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The 10 mile experiment

What I learned from my ten-mile experiment is simple. I’m not ready to run a half marathon because there are too many weaknesses in my foundation and training to justify a run of that length. If my pace fell off from the low 8:00s I was running early in the 10-miler it was not because I was winded, but because I was struggling with a numbness and shakey feeling down below the hip line Continue reading

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Running Shoes and Souls: A We Run and Ride video special on biomechanics, orthotics and healthy running

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Problems are almost always underfoot

I met a friend at a local Starbucks yesterday. He told me his running was completely curtailed due to a knee injury. This is a guy that already has completed an Ironman. I’ve cycled with him and he’s got an engine … Continue reading

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The double logistics of a duathlon

This Saturday May 16 I’ll be competing in the Galena Duathlon. Companion Sue is doing the Triathlon that includes a swim in the 55 degree water. I’m not there yet in terms of swimming that far, much less in freezing … Continue reading

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