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Shedding the shoe condoms

Earlier this week I got up to run and realized that my full-length orthotics were still in a pair of shoes perched in the back of the car my wife drove to early morning swimming. I thought about that for … Continue reading

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Does my knee need Viagra?

The medial collateral ligament in my left knee is a bit squishy of late. At some point in every hard run, it protrudes and the knee joint gets wishy-washy for a bit. This has been taking place on an off … Continue reading

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Pain as a way of life

Yesterday morning while running in the dark, I turned my ankle a bit. Kept running with no real consequence. That was no real surprise. Usually, when you turn an ankle or tweak a knee, the true effects don’t show up … Continue reading

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A singular New Year’s resolution

Winter wonderland Last January the snow was thick and wet during the first week of the year. Yet in a fit of cabin fever and thanks to some serious Manhattans on a Friday night, my companion Sue and I were … Continue reading

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So tell me, how do I fix what’s wrong with me? Part 1

By Christopher Cudworth Last Thursday I asked readers of this blog to tell me what vexes them in a piece titled “So tell me, what’s wrong with you.” If you’d like to submit your issue to We Run and Ride … Continue reading

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It’s not that far to fall

Running and riding both have their risks. Cyclists, however, are at greater risk of falling than runners. But that does not preclude those who run from exercising some caution, or at least watching where they step. Goof or Consequences The … Continue reading

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The art of managing your “athletic identity” when you’re hurt or sick

Everyone knows that getting injured sucks. No, it really sucks. More than sucks. Being hurt grinds you down to the nub of who you are, not who you want to be. In that circumstance, you had better be prepared to … Continue reading

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