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Bone on bone

I saw a former running acquaintance riding his bike on the road outside our cul-de-sac this morning. The bright blinker mounted on his aging Trek Madone caught my eye. As he passed I called out his name. He kept rolling … Continue reading

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Being respectful and sensible on the running and cycling trail during this Stay-At-Home, mask-wearing, Coronavirus debacle

I’ve been using the recreational paths installed on former railroad beds in our part of the country since 1982. That’s a long time ago and a ton of miles covered on these linear parks. So I know a few things … Continue reading

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Mortal soles

Last evening we made the decision to allow our cat Wanda go to a peaceful end. At fourteen years old, some of her vital systems were failing. It would not do to see her suffer through weeks of difficulty. Our … Continue reading

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One of the most inspiring cyclists I barely know

I started this blog in the fall of 2012. Within a week or two of posting the first piece, I noticed a woman riding up the block where I lived in Batavia at the time. She wore a visor, no helmet, a … Continue reading

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What the death of Michigan cyclists can teach us

I’ve waited a few days to think through the meaning of the death and injuries among a group of cyclists in Michigan. By now social media has essentially had its say and will go back to looking for the next … Continue reading

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The secret to love what you’re doing when you run, ride and swim

Motivation is the power source of all performance. Without motivation, there is no will to work. Without the will to work, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. And without the potential for achievement, there is no real … Continue reading

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Still a jogger and a Fred in the pool

To whit, terminology can be harsh. Calling someone a “jogger” when they consider themselves a runner is a cold, hard, reality check. In this day and age, you hardly hear the term jogger at all. It’s considered impolite. No matter … Continue reading

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If a Runner, a Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete were running for President

Welcome to the Presidential debate hosted by the WTF Network. Tonight’s debate will feature our four leading candidates are all known for their respective sports. We have a Runner, A Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete at their respective podiums … Continue reading

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Just keep going

Toward the end of my swim workout yesterday it occurred to me with some surprise that at the end of my 7th 100-meter repeat I was not yet tired. This was a revelation of sorts. Up until this point in … Continue reading

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So this liberal, a conservative and a libertarian go for a bike ride…

By Christopher Cudworth The Saturday morning group ride was a great tradition in South Wendon. Up to 40 riders showed up at 7:00 a.m. each week. That meant for fast-paced rides from April through September. But on a cold October … Continue reading

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