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Mortal soles

Last evening we made the decision to allow our cat Wanda go to a peaceful end. At fourteen years old, some of her vital systems were failing. It would not do to see her suffer through weeks of difficulty. Our … Continue reading

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Kick you fool

This weekend we’re heading up to Madison, Wisconsin to do the half-marathon. I’m simply hoping my tight old hips hold up all thirteen miles, but I’ll take what I can get. On Saturday, both Sue and I are having swim … Continue reading

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I need a nickname as a swimmer

Yesterday during a 1500 meter session in the pool, not all at once, mind you, but in a series of intervals of 100 and 200 meters, I decided that what I need to make myself a faster, stronger swimmer is … Continue reading

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If a Runner, a Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete were running for President

Welcome to the Presidential debate hosted by the WTF Network. Tonight’s debate will feature our four leading candidates are all known for their respective sports. We have a Runner, A Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete at their respective podiums … Continue reading

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Just keep going

Toward the end of my swim workout yesterday it occurred to me with some surprise that at the end of my 7th 100-meter repeat I was not yet tired. This was a revelation of sorts. Up until this point in … Continue reading

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