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Why 2K is the answer of the day

Do you have certain training distances that make you feel like you’ve really “done something?” I have a few. Running at least three miles, for example. Riding at least an hour. For swimming, it is going at least 1600 meters, … Continue reading

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Putting my pool face on

We got up to swim this morning. It was the first time in two weeks I’ve been to the pool. Now that the tooth and face infection is over, I can get back in the pool to prepare for a … Continue reading

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Trading paces

Midway through this morning’s swim workout, I paused to glance at the lane next to me where my wife Sue was doing her 75m IM repeats switching from freestyle to backstroke to breastroke with each lap. She loves swimming, and … Continue reading

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When the world is aggressively slow

We got up to swim this morning at 4:45. Drove through the mist to Marmion Academy and the warm confines of the natatorium. Did our swim workouts broken up into little sections like a watery breakfast of freestyle, pulls and … Continue reading

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