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Why 2K is the answer of the day

Do you have certain training distances that make you feel like you’ve really “done something?” I have a few. Running at least three miles, for example. Riding at least an hour. For swimming, it is going at least 1600 meters, … Continue reading

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I never dreamed that I’d be missing the pool

With all the ups-and-downs, back-and-forths of Covid-19 precautions, it has been difficult to plan workouts at the pool. Currently our facility has an online schedule to grab workout times. It’s a pain in the butt. For a while during the … Continue reading

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Gearing up for an Olympic distance triathlon

Thus far, my triathlon career has consisted of Sprint and Duathlon races. But last year, my goal was to do a pair of Olympic distance races. Weather, injury and illness intervened to keep me from racing at all in 2109. … Continue reading

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Open water swimming

The goal this past weekend was to do my first legitimate Sprint Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. We drove up on Saturday to participate in an open water swim session so that I could practice the day before the race. … Continue reading

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You smell like pool

Everyone that swims knows the feeling. Coming out of the water wrapped in the veil of chlorine. It’s true when you’re a child and it remains true through adulthood. It’s ostensibly a clean smell, but who’s to say? Public pools, … Continue reading

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You do your best with the body (and brain) that you have

As children we imagine that all things are possible. You can be what you want to be. That childlike innocence has its purpose. It enables the mind to grow unhindered. We explore through play. Some of us take up that banner … Continue reading

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Are things going swimmingly for you this summer?

by Christopher Cudworth The alarm rings at 4:30. It doesn’t care how you feel. How you slept. Who you slept with. Or how many days this week you rose at 4:30. It’s 4:30. Get up. The windshield wiper does not … Continue reading

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A 70.3 triathlon tale of perseverance, sisterly love and a coach who knows the sport

by Christopher Cudworth Even more than the individual sports of cycling, running or swimming, triathlon is a sport of the early hours. The distances covered and the time it takes to cover them require an early enough start to accommodate all sorts … Continue reading

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