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50 Years of Running: Transition times

As a triathlete, I’ve gotten used to the term “transition times” to indicate how long it takes to go from swim-to-bike to bike-to-swim. The first time I did a duathlon, before I took to swimming along with running and cycling, … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Closing time

All of us who run know the difference between a good race and a bad race. There are empirical factors such as time and place by which we measure our efforts. Yet even these are subjective depending on conditions such … Continue reading

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Useful takeaways from a triathlete’s first 70.3 Half Ironman

Five years ago, standing on top of the spiral parking ramp by the Madison Hilton, I watched the start of the Wisconsin Ironman race in which my wife Sue was competing. She had a decent go of it that first … Continue reading

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There are some real asses out there

I’ve never really been an ass man, per see. But in this day and age, there are so many more asses on display thanks to changes in the fashion spectrum, it’s getting difficult not to be an ass man of … Continue reading

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New Balance or Old Balance?

A friend from college named Dan Johnson recently ran a 5:26 mile. He’s coming up on sixty years old, and that’s a darned fast time for a man his age. He also recently won a big age group 10K award. … Continue reading

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Racing the bike in a criterium

The first year I bought a real racing bike ten years ago, I raced in a series of criteriums from June through September. The lessons learned were many. How to ride in a hurtling pack. How to turn without braking. … Continue reading

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Approaching fitness, training and life like a realist

The sports of swimming, running and triathlon are great for both men and women in terms of body image. They give you some degree of control over how much fat hangs out on your frame, and how your muscles look and perform.

Heavy Guy Getting PumpedNo, we don’t have perfect control over all that. And perception has much to do with how we ultimately conceive and project ourselves on the world. Our vanities sometimes expose our worst attributes. Continue reading

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The long way round to a triathlon wetsuit

Always open to new experiences….that’s got to be your philosophy if you want to grow in this life. Which is why sitting on a grassy hill above the Quarry Pool in my hometown of Batavia was yet another part of … Continue reading

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This Century wasn’t about me, but I still learned a lot

That’s the wonderful thing about cycling. It is an egalitarian sport. In fact political libertarians should love cycling for its independant spirit. Men and women simply most show respect to one another. And while the top levels of the sport may see differences in overall speed between world class men and women, that is no differentiating factor in the day-to-day world of cycling. Continue reading

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How to deal with getting older as an athlete

It is always amusing hearing someone far younger say out loud, “God, I feel so old.” We hear it when people in the mid-to-late 20s suddenly realize the toddler children they once babysat are now graduating from high school or … Continue reading

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