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New Balance or Old Balance?

A friend from college named Dan Johnson recently ran a 5:26 mile. He’s coming up on sixty years old, and that’s a darned fast time for a man his age. He also recently won a big age group 10K award. … Continue reading

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Moonlighting as a cyclist

This morning’s ride started at 5:45 a.m. The sun was up far enough to provide some light. A bright moon was still perched in the southwestern sky. We tend to think of the moon as truly “here” only when it … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, you’ll get there

When we’re young, it can be amusing to consider the vexations of older people. The flourish of youth enables this attitude. It’s hard to imagine that you’ll someday face your own symptoms of aging. But it happens fast when it … Continue reading

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How to deal with getting older as an athlete

It is always amusing hearing someone far younger say out loud, “God, I feel so old.” We hear it when people in the mid-to-late 20s suddenly realize the toddler children they once babysat are now graduating from high school or … Continue reading

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The dangers in acting your age

Occasionally people will remark that I don’t look my age.¬†While I appreciate the supposed kind intent of such comments, it also makes me wonder¬†sometimes what they really mean. What would it mean to them if I did look my age? … Continue reading

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