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In races with our own faces

As an artist, I’ve never been one to paint or draw many self portraits. I prefer to look out at the world rather than constantly looking at myself for some hint about the universe. But yesterday, while sitting on a … Continue reading

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Take pride in that aging face

Let’s talk about aging faces. I have no real way of knowing the age of the people who read this blog. There are about 1500 subscribers, and there are some who don’t subscribe but read these words through social media … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong an icon taking on a new, older look

Yes, by the looks of things on his Instagram account, even Lance Armstrong is aging. For that admission of sorts, I am proud of him. It took him years to confess that he’d been doping all along during his string … Continue reading

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Aging gracefully, or something like that

Recently I’ve heard several people in their late 20s commenting on the effects of aging on their bodies. That may seem silly to people that are older, but these are legitimate observations. Our bodies do change with age. For some … Continue reading

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Why stuff like fashion, sexism and ageism matter to those who run, ride and swim

So yesterday’s rather long blog about Victoria’s Real Secret might seem to be off the subject of running and riding and swimming. But I think about these things because they do relate to the worlds of running, cycling and swimming. … Continue reading

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Running at the speed of life should not mean you leave your past behind

by Christopher Cudworth In the television show LOST, all the main characters learned through hard experience that the past really can catch up to you. The mind-bending mixture of time travel juxtaposed with the consequences of short-term choices made plenty … Continue reading

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