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50 Years of Running: Gamesmanship and sandbagging

As an advertising salesperson, I not only competed against the previous year’s sales numbers in my territory. The daily game included competing with other salespeople and also other print publications and radio stations in the Fox Valley. The towns we … Continue reading

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The techie world of fitness trackers

I wear a Garmin Fenix 5 fitness tracker. My wife purchased it for me two years ago. It has a ton of features. Beyond recording workout times, pace and route tracking, it also measures heart rate, estimated calories and stress … Continue reading

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What a wild ride we’re all really on

On a cool, clear weekend west of Madison, Wisconsin, a group of us gathered at Governor Dodge State Park in early September of 2012. Our plan was to camp out, ride the Wright Stuff Century (or thereabouts) and float down … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong an icon taking on a new, older look

Yes, by the looks of things on his Instagram account, even Lance Armstrong is aging. For that admission of sorts, I am proud of him. It took him years to confess that he’d been doping all along during his string … Continue reading

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Holding on and letting go

We’re all familiar with athletes who used some wrong done against them as motivation to excel. Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team. That early slight drove him to become the greatest player the world has ever seen. … Continue reading

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Oh look! It’s time for the Tour de France, and Lance is back

Well we nailed June to the wall, didn’t we? For me it meant riding up and down and all around Wisconsin and Illinois. Horribly Hilly was like a stage of the Tour de France. 72 miles and 6000 feet of … Continue reading

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With respect to age

If you’re seventeen and sick of your parents ragging on you about homework and staying out too late, it’s not likely you’ll spend much time worrying about what it will be like when you’re older. Especially much, much older. We … Continue reading

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Being a pro is never as glamorous as it seems

By Christopher Cudworth A few years ago it all came together for me. With plenty of time to ride my bike I racked up 4000 miles over the spring, fall and summer months. I was running some too, and my weight … Continue reading

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What Lance Armstrong has to say about the 2014 Tour de France

Hi folks. Lance Armstrong here. Yes, I’ve been watching the 2014 Tour quite a bit. Actually been streaming it through my iPhone in the Livestrong phone case while I’m out golfing. Because golf is actually pretty boring. And I’m not … Continue reading

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Does it pay to be passive-aggressive when you run and ride?

By Christopher Cudworth Having worked with (and for) a number of passive-aggressive people over the years, and noticing how they somehow succeed in this world despite their ugly behavior, it occurred to me that being passive-aggressive might actually be a competitive advantage … Continue reading

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