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50 Years of Running: The Fuse

And the years that I spent lost in the mysteryFall away leaving only the sound of the drumLike a part of meIt speaks to the heart of meForget what life used to beYou are what you choose to beIt’s whatever … Continue reading

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#1 resolution: forgive yourself and grow

As a young athlete I was typically motivated by two strong emotions: anger and the need for approval. If those seem contrary, you’re correct about that. I was angry at the world for its injustices and at the same time … Continue reading

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Getting psyched up

Today I wrote a Quora answer about an encounter I had two years ago with a crazed Trump supporter that happens to be a Ph.D psychologist. He’d posted a video on my Facebook wall in advance of the 2016 Presidential … Continue reading

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Cheaper than therapy, but here’s what you might miss

There’s a meme that says Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy. And that’s generally true. But at the price of $150 per pair of shoes, it’s getting to be an almost even competition. Cycling is perhaps cheaper than therapy, and swimming … Continue reading

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger and my Old Shoes

I’m sure you’re all aware of Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She’s that sweet lady who helps people in times of trouble. If you have a problem, all you need to do is call Dr. Laura’s show and she’ll spread you like a … Continue reading

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A dialogue with the dawn

By Christopher Cudworth Those of us who run and ride tend to be early risers. Some get out the door before the sun even rises. In winter we may not even see the sun during our workouts. Just cold trudging … Continue reading

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Does it pay to be passive-aggressive when you run and ride?

By Christopher Cudworth Having worked with (and for) a number of passive-aggressive people over the years, and noticing how they somehow succeed in this world despite their ugly behavior, it occurred to me that being passive-aggressive might actually be a competitive advantage … Continue reading

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What kind of tortured soul are you?

By Christopher Cudworth We all like to think of running and riding as a magical fix for the emotional turmoil of life. That works for many people. What we’re forgetting is that we all start from somewhere to get where we’re … Continue reading

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Running and riding through anxiety, depression and grief

By Christopher Cudworth A year ago on March 26, 2013, my wife died after 8 years of treatment for ovarian cancer. Notice that I do not mention the word “battle” or “fight” or “struggle” in the context of my wife’s … Continue reading

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The 7th Man syndrome: Three keys to becoming better than average in your athletic or business pursuits

By Christopher Cudworth For the first three years of college cross country, I ran in the Top 7 at the Varsity Level. And that was good. But it wasn’t great. For a variety of reasons now known to me to … Continue reading

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