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Changing appetites

Today is March 1st here in the center of the universe, or as close as we can get in Illinois. That means the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth is on its way toward the vernal equinox. Spring. The light is … Continue reading

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#1 resolution: forgive yourself and grow

As a young athlete I was typically motivated by two strong emotions: anger and the need for approval. If those seem contrary, you’re correct about that. I was angry at the world for its injustices and at the same time … Continue reading

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Ask yourself this simple question: “Why am I eating?”

Humans have to eat like everything else on this earth. Fortunately we don’t actually have to hunt our own food these days or 99.9% of the human population would die in a week. Continue reading

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The fine line between the Paleo diet and the Oreo diet

I watch what I eat. I really do. I watch it sit on a shelf, and then I eat it. Like this Oreo. Not exactly the Paleo diet, now is it? I couldn’t help it. The guts were too tasty. … Continue reading

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