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A half marathon for the ages

With the lack of competitions this year due to the pandemic, we’ve adjusted our plans and expectations like everyone else. Yes, we did get in three triathlons that were held this summer. But we learned that the Florida Half Ironman … Continue reading

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Confessions of a mediocre jumper

Somewhere in the late 1960s as a student at Martin Meylin Junior High near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was introduced to the sport of track and field. One of the events I tried was the high jump. At that time, the … Continue reading

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Depression and dark days aren’t the end-all, be-all

This morning dawned bleak and snowy. Many would be tempted to look outside the window and remark, “What a depressing day.” Ironically, many of us that have dealt with depression in life rather embrace these darker days. Like reverse osmosis, … Continue reading

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There’s a right way to go bananas in endurance sports

Given the fact that the “fruit” we call bananas is so common and inexpensive to buy, it is easy to take for granted that the Cavendish bananas commercially available in stores are a production miracle brought to the United States … Continue reading

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Confidence built through trial, error and success

These days, with Strava and Garmin and MapMyWhatever to track our every movement by satellite, it seems quaint to think back to a time when all we had to document our efforts was a stopwatch and personal perceptions. This morning … Continue reading

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Take pride in that aging face

Let’s talk about aging faces. I have no real way of knowing the age of the people who read this blog. There are about 1500 subscribers, and there are some who don’t subscribe but read these words through social media … Continue reading

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Is that the azimuth I Spy?

When my kids were little, we played a game called I Spy in which we named something in the room and the other person had to guess. It was particularly fun during the holiday season with the Christmas tree stood … Continue reading

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Commonly known as fun suffering

We ran a long way in the wind and rain yesterday. Fortunately, the trail we use sits down in the Fox River Valley, providing shelter from the storm bringing gusts of 20-30 mph. At the start, a spitting mist struck … Continue reading

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On the run from golf carts and people

I’ve written about the fact that as a child growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and before that, Upstate Seneca Falls, New York, I spent quite around golf courses. Some of my earliest memories are crawling around on the putting green … Continue reading

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A good deal underfoot

The first set of running orthotics that I purchased in the early 1990s were fitted and designed by Dr. John Durkin, who served as a podiatrist to world-class runners such as Sebastian Coe, Craig Virgin and Jim Spivey. The inserts … Continue reading

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