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Depression and dark days aren’t the end-all, be-all

This morning dawned bleak and snowy. Many would be tempted to look outside the window and remark, “What a depressing day.” Ironically, many of us that have dealt with depression in life rather embrace these darker days. Like reverse osmosis, … Continue reading

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Have you ever had food poisoning from a restaurant?

While we’re all eager to get back to dining out, and restaurants welcome us back in the wake of this pandemic, it is a good time to appreciate the laws governing healthy food handling practices. In case you don’t realize … Continue reading

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Lessons on Coronavirus from a Starbucks run

After delivering our pup to doggy daycare this morning, I stopped at the Starbucks a mile away and found it was closed. I was open earlier this week when I picked up drinks to bring back home for my wife … Continue reading

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No grumping allowed

Last night around 2:00 am I awoke thinking about yesterday’s blog and a passage to which I referred to the feeling of loss one can accumulate with age. This is what I wrote the feelings I had while lining up … Continue reading

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America, where are you now?

The late 60s were a heady time to be a pre-teen in America. My brothers were insightful sources of musical taste, and my 7th-grade friends were likewise caught up in the wonders of that era. I specifically recall a classmate … Continue reading

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