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“At least I’m not as fat as that person…”

What you’re about to read may not be perceived as kind. But rest assured, the intention is self-directed in some sense. If we can’t reveal some of what goes on inside our heads on a daily basis, then the world … Continue reading

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Missives from the playground

I was six years old when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. We were running around the playground at Willow Street Elementary when the news shot through the crowds of kids playing on the macadam. I remember standing there shocked … Continue reading

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The bumper crop of America

When I stepped out of my vehicle in the Remote Parking Lot at O’Hare airport, it shocked me to look at the front end of the car across from mine. There was an adult killdeer smashed into the grill. Killdeer … Continue reading

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Running to the End of the World

You may be aware of this already, but recently there has been a large uptick in the number and urgency of people who believe that the earth is flat. It may seem silly to you, but to Flat Earthers the … Continue reading

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Riding outside the White Line

There is little reason to not share the road with cyclists or runners other than raw selfishness. Even a large crowd of cyclists taking up a lane of country road on a Saturday morning can be passed eventually. Yet there … Continue reading

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I wanted to see what a woman could do

Back when I was a freshman in college, the first two women came out for the cross country. Gwen and Lynn were the pioneers for women’s running at Luther. They trained together daily and ran with the men on occasion. … Continue reading

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Not playing possum

During a 40-minute run on the Fox River Trail this morning, my partner and I chanced upon a sordid scene. Right below the Metra Railroad bridge that crosses the river, a dead opossum lay headless on the asphalt. I looked … Continue reading

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The enduring values of women and the sickness in some men

I have no exciting race or training news to share because this weekend I was sick.¬†I’ve been sick before. And I’ll be sick again. This time was diarrhea, nausea and sweat-soaked chills. But rather than complain¬†about it, I visited briefly … Continue reading

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Dog days 365/24/7

I stop to pet dogs during my runs. I even stop to pet dogs during my rides now and then. If a dog is walking along with its owners and looks like it would appreciate a good pet, I stop … Continue reading

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Barely in control of the stupid beast

It used to be that the greatest threat to human beings were large animals. Supposedly we’ve evolved in some way, conquering both nature as a wild place and our own nature as a result. But it isn’t quite true. In … Continue reading

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