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10 Lessons from Halloween

It struck me during a 6-mile run this morning in increasing rain that today is indeed Halloween. I can recall many a fall evening on October 30 being excited about the next day’s promise. Often a conference cross country meet … Continue reading

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If a Runner, a Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete were running for President

Welcome to the Presidential debate hosted by the WTF Network. Tonight’s debate will feature our four leading candidates are all known for their respective sports. We have a Runner, A Cyclist, a Swimmer and a Triathlete at their respective podiums … Continue reading

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A dog and his bone

Those of you who are pet owners know that every animal has their favorite habits. They might be toys that last forever. Or for cats, it might be their catnip post. This morning my dog stood up on the chair … Continue reading

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Your place in the parade

I don’t know if you have ever participated in a parade, but I have. It’s both a wonderful and a strange thing to be sitting on a float or marching along next to some display or vehicle decorated for the … Continue reading

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What do the numbers say about women’s and men’s running?

So while women have closed down the pace gap in a relative short time through increased participation opportunities and a continuing growth in the sport, there is still at least a 10% difference on average between women runners at both the median and world-class levels. Interestingly, that difference is hardly evident in most races. Wherever women and men race together, the playing field is essentially, perceptually even. Relatively few men can beat the world’s best women runners. Continue reading

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5 Things You Can Learn From My Sycamore Pumpkinfest 10K

There are not many better conditions to run than those presented at the Sycamore Pumpkinfest 10K yesterday. The wind was nearly still. The temps edged into the high 40s and low 50s. The skies were clear and bright. Perfect for … Continue reading

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It’s time to go fast for @gofast

My Twitter handle @gofast was concocted at a moment’s notice when signing up for social media several years ago. I’ve tweeted something like 6000 times since then. That means I’m quick on the draw, have an overly active mind, take … Continue reading

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A place to run through time

Yesterday I ran in Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, a large park on the west side of St. Charles, Illinois where I went to high school. The preserve is a mix of grassy hills, mature oak woodlands and former farm and … Continue reading

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It’s a Newton world down there

My buddy Monte was sold some Newton running shoes. He tried them out a few times and they were not for him. Now granted, Monte is not by trade a runner. Which makes one wonder why the running store would … Continue reading

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Taking back my legs

wear running shorts that bottom out 4″ above my knees. But I admit that I’m conflicted by that. When I run past a window and see those long shorts in the window, I feel like I look slow. Like a jogger, not a racer. Continue reading

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