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Road bike happiness

Last night I led my daughter’s boyfriend Kyle on his first road bike venture. He’d grown up as a proficient and daring BMX racer, so the whole road bike thing wasn’t as threatening to him as it might be to … Continue reading

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Getting my 20 on

I’m not a slow bike rider. But I’m not a super fast bike rider either. My brother-in-law Paul once rode 40K (that’s 24 miles) in an hour. On a road bike. That’s fast. And he was still a CAT 3 … Continue reading

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Vacation in the clouds

For the past two weeks in Illinois we’ve had weather conditions that produce dramatic cloud patterns. While I haven’t had time enough to lie down and watch the clouds forming overhead, it has been possible to stick an arm out … Continue reading

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Look, she’s fifty!

My sister-in-law Julie Dunn turned fifty years old this week. Behind the scenes, my wife Sue plotted several surprises including a party for her sister. It all turned out marvelous. A couple months ago we collaborated on a design for … Continue reading

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Time in the Saddle Alone (TITSA)

Last night I parked the car at the train station so that my wife could drive it home after her commute. That gave me the chance to ride 20+ miles during the hour and a half of good light still … Continue reading

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Life and death in the March wind

It snowed here in Illinois this morning. The birds gathered around our feeder were manic for the little bits of food that remained after the last refill. I drove down to Woodman’s grocery story and brought back bags of bird … Continue reading

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Ahead of the times

  The apartment my best buddy and I shared (way back when) on 1764 N. Clark Street had a view overlooking the south end of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Three seasons of the year it was the best place in … Continue reading

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Computraining (my butt)

Somewhere past the one-hour mark in a 1:30 training session on the Computrainer at Mill Race Cyclery, I simply had to get off the bike. The compression of the bike seat added up to soreness on the sit bones, and … Continue reading

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Some reflections on give and take with a PROVIZ 360 cycling jacket

When I was out riding my mountain bike on Sunday morning a calamitous thing happened. I was coming through a narrow section of trail where tree branches stuck out. One of them caught the right shoulder of my brand new … Continue reading

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The sculptors of our own lives

There was a time when the “end of the season” was emphatic by nature. As a cross country runner through high school and college, the season would end when the success ran out. That could be the district meet or … Continue reading

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