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50 Years of Running: Becoming a Midwestern boy

As our family drove west through Ohio and Indiana toward our new home in Illinois, the land flattened out and the trees disappeared into distant blue clumps dotting the horizon. I’d been to Chicago once as a small child, but … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Logging miles, swapping tales

The hours spent running with twenty-four guys proved to be great way to get to know people that freshman year in college. While dorm life was a rush of introductions and a socially manic environment by nature, running cross country … Continue reading

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Dancing with the cranes

For the last four days a trio of sandhill cranes has been hanging out in our backyard. They are large birds equipped with a bill designed for a multitude of food options. The red on their forehead is distinctive, and … Continue reading

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Rare opportunities in life

What rare birds can teach us about all of life’s opportunities Yesterday through email I learned there was a sighting of a relatively rare bird, a Smith’s Longspur, in the vicinity of our house. We back up to a wetland, … Continue reading

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In the pink in all the wrong ways, and tricky days

This time of year brings a series of choices for those who run, ride and swim. There are days when weather dictates your run or ride. If it’s a blasting spring wind, the idea of getting out in the open on … Continue reading

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