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Learning to live with pain

Outside of the gates the trucks were unloadin’The weather was hot, a-nearly ninety degreesThe man standin’ next to me, his head was explodingWell, I was prayin’ the pieces wouldn’t fall on me ––Bob Dylan, Day of the Locusts The after … Continue reading

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The vicious truth of an infected tooth

About a month ago, I felt sharp pain in a #18 molar at the back of my mouth. It led to some dental work, then a root canal. Then other treatments to deal with the side effects of the root … Continue reading

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The dangers of cycling are real. The reasons why are rather unreal.

A new Business Insider article documents the fact that cyclist deaths on American roads increased by 10% last year. That may only constitute an additional 100 or so people, but that is still inexcusable. The article states: “It’s not the … Continue reading

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A whole series of Finish Lines

I signed up for the Wauconda Olympic Triathlon and was excited to have an opportunity to swim a mile in open water for the first time. My time trial in the pool last week saw me finish 1600 yards in … Continue reading

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No rest when it comes to assaults on Mt. Everest

I’m not a super fan of people climbing Everest. Lately there have been too many stories of climbers logjammed up there near 29,000 feet. The mountain has grown crowded and dead people and frozen poop reportedly litter the landscape. It’s … Continue reading

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Road Test on the aero bike

With an Olympic Triathlon planned for this Sunday, I set out on a “road test” in aero this morning to practice position and ride strategies. As you’ll see below, even Strava recognized this ride was a bit quicker than my … Continue reading

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We need more liberal arts majors in this country, not less

This past weekend was spent at Luther College in the company of more than 100 alumni from a track and field program that won Iowa conference track championship titles 26 out of 30 years. The event was illuminating on many … Continue reading

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Luther, in time…

A few weeks ago we attended a Yes concert and much to my pleasure and surprise, the band performed a song from its Close to the Edge album titled Siberian Khatru that I first absorbed in my high school years. … Continue reading

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A Reunion of Champions

Last evening I received a call from Paul Mullen, a college roommate and teammate from both cross country and track. He works in Development for my alma mater Luther College. He wanted to reach out because he is super excited … Continue reading

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YES the years have flown but they return again

The eternal cycle of classic rock bands touring the world will eventually run out of steam. Aging rockers can’t keep it up forever. That’s a literal and rhetorical reference to why rock stars go on tour in the first place. … Continue reading

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