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50 Years of Running: Head games

In March of 1982, I picked up training mileage as the weather slowly improved. February saw a series of thirty-mile weeks, but March jumped to the mid-forties and then the mid-fifties. Then disaster hit. “Took ill at end of March,” … Continue reading

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The naked truth of green leaves and flowers

August is a great time of year to be outdoors. I’m planning a long run today at noon on the Great Western Trail, a former railroad bed that has been converted to a limestone path lined with fields and trees. … Continue reading

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No rest when it comes to assaults on Mt. Everest

I’m not a super fan of people climbing Everest. Lately there have been too many stories of climbers logjammed up there near 29,000 feet. The mountain has grown crowded and dead people and frozen poop reportedly litter the landscape. It’s … Continue reading

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The cause and effect of our own circumstance

Yesterday afternoon while cleaning out the bird feed bins I looked around for the container of black oil sunflower seed that has supplied the cardinals and other birds with food all winter. It started with a 60 lb. bag from … Continue reading

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Velociraptors revisited

The city sidewalks that were just replaced in our little town were fresh concrete laid between wooden rails when a Canada goose walked across the fragile surface with its big flat feet. The tracks it left may or may not … Continue reading

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For the love of God, let’s protect the earth

Please note: Today’s We Run and Ride addresses at some length and depth the theological issues driving cultural conflicts in this era. This reflects, but is not an excerpt, the work of a book I’m writing titled Sustainable Faith. This … Continue reading

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A total eclipse of the run

Perhaps we’ve become so accustomed as a society to seeing things hyped beyond reason it is normal to feel jaded when something really special comes along. Here in northern Illinois, last summer’s total eclipse of the sun was indeed dramatic … Continue reading

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Why I no longer believe in calories, because Megan Fox convinced me that science is a load of crap

“I don’t know how to say this word, so I’m just going to pretend I know how to say it… That’s how Intergnat savant Megan Fox begins her “audit” of science exhibits at the world renowned Field Museum of Chicago. Her … Continue reading

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Proof that you are part of an amazing, wonderful creation is under your wheels, and your feet, and in the water in which you swim

By Christopher Cudworth As motorists, we tend to think of potholes as really bad things. They threaten our tires. Jolt our suspensions. Kick off hubcaps and throw water up on our windshields. But actually, potholes are a keen reflection of … Continue reading

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Are people who run and ride canaries in a coalmine on global warming?

On the run (or ride) from global climate change As a worldwide scientific consensus on the issue of global warming continues to build, the community of ideological naysayers who think the earth is simply too big to be impacted by … Continue reading

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