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My longtime friend the red-tailed hawk

Heading into my senior year at Luther College, my fitness was good and I’d used the summer to clean up my act. I cut off the long, thick hair that shrouded my face. Dumped the thick glasses and got a … Continue reading

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The cause and effect of our own circumstance

Yesterday afternoon while cleaning out the bird feed bins I looked around for the container of black oil sunflower seed that has supplied the cardinals and other birds with food all winter. It started with a 60 lb. bag from … Continue reading

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Embracing my inner sloth

While watching an Animal Planet program about the impact of island ecology and evolution, we learned about a colony of pygmy sloths that lives on an island no larger than Central Park in New York. Somehow the population of sloths … Continue reading

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Even flat turtles have their day in the sun

This morning I ran what might possibly be the slowest three miles I’ve done in a long time. Along the way, I chanced to look down and see a flattened turtle on the gravel shoulder of the road. It bugs … Continue reading

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Frog legs

Last night the spring temperatures moderated here in Illinois. The air was calm and the collective voice of chorus frogs singing in the wetland behind our house could be heard inside even with the windows closed. So we grabbed our … Continue reading

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The irony of a stress test

Perhaps you’ve had a stress test done to check the condition and performance of your heart. I’m having one this morning. Precautionary, mind you. Given a family history of heart issues, it is important to keep track of how everything … Continue reading

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Understanding 1 Corinthians 9:24 and what it means to “run the race and win the prize”

There have been many blessings in my life. Yet I’ve also had a share of being down on my knees praying to God for answers. And I can tell you in earnest: all those prayers have been answered in one … Continue reading

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Why your training (and thinking) must evolve

The notion of fitness is a key element of the theory of evolution. In nature, being fit for life means having the ability to survive. There are trillions of examples of this principle in operation every day. Evolution through time has … Continue reading

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The Ebola virus is about to run rampant

By Christopher Cudworth I have this friend that gets sick fairly often. When he gets sick, he gets very sick. Coughing, hacking, spitting blood even. For years he has jokingly called these episodes for what they are. “I have Ebola,” … Continue reading

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Attack of the wetsuit strippers and other triathlon chaos

By Christopher Cudworth Ever since I started associating with this triathlon crowd, I’ve had a sense that there is something more to the sport than meets the eye. Thanks to intensive research at the recent Racine 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlon, … Continue reading

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