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No longer a fool in the pool

Today I felt good in the water. Perhaps you know the feeling too. After weeks or months or years of swimming, running or riding, you reach a point where things come together a bit. You feel the flow. My wife … Continue reading

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Embracing my inner sloth

While watching an Animal Planet program about the impact of island ecology and evolution, we learned about a colony of pygmy sloths that lives on an island no larger than Central Park in New York. Somehow the population of sloths … Continue reading

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Advice from Yoda about finding the Force in the swimming pool

So our Master’s Swim leader Chris (See You In Barbados!) Colburn posted a video from this morning’s session that included a segment with me swimming along, one elbow high and the other, not so much.  As Luke Skywalker once learned … Continue reading

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At long last, a swimming breakthrough

It hasn’t been easy, learning to swim again. Three or four years ago the process began with 25-yard gasping efforts in a tiny little pool within the X-Sport fitness facility. Then came strained sessions at the Master’s Swim program held … Continue reading

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Trading paces

Midway through this morning’s swim workout, I paused to glance at the lane next to me where my wife Sue was doing her 75m IM repeats switching from freestyle to backstroke to breastroke with each lap. She loves swimming, and … Continue reading

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It’s AFFECT versus EFFECT in the pool

The water in the pool at 5:30 in the morning can seem like a shock to the skin. Three lanes down one of my fellow swimmers sat at pool’s edge taking deep breaths. She was trying to work up the … Continue reading

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That day you stop counting laps

A longtime friend and fellow runner named Jeff Wheaton posted a photo of himself from the pool yesterday. He’s been rehabilitating from a foot injury and finally has permission to get back to exercise. He went out and swam 40 … Continue reading

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That swimming thing? Hasn’t been going that well. Now it will.

Picking up a sport that you did as a kid can be one of the most humbling enterprises in the world. When I went back to playing soccer as an adult after coaching kids for 10 years it was shocking … Continue reading

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