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Jaw-dropping, grossout special edition: swimming in public pools and lakes can make you sick

This week I bumped into two separate stories about swimming in public pools. Both made me feel sick about it. One was an hilariously disgusting piece created by The Onion, America’s satiric news media outlet. Click through to make yourself … Continue reading

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At long last, a swimming breakthrough

It hasn’t been easy, learning to swim again. Three or four years ago the process began with 25-yard gasping efforts in a tiny little pool within the X-Sport fitness facility. Then came strained sessions at the Master’s Swim program held … Continue reading

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I need a nickname as a swimmer

Yesterday during a 1500 meter session in the pool, not all at once, mind you, but in a series of intervals of 100 and 200 meters, I decided that what I need to make myself a faster, stronger swimmer is … Continue reading

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Rust never sleeps, but neither do swimmers

It’s been hot outside and Sunday presented an opportunity to perhaps gather our swim gear and take one last trip to Centennial Beach in Naperville. But by the time we go home from riding and a meetup with friends at … Continue reading

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See how far gratitude can take you

By Christopher Cudworth  As you make plans for your next long run, ride, or swim, it might be wise to consider how thankful you should be for the ability (and time) to do your favorite activities. Self-fulfilling prophecies Plenty of … Continue reading

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