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Walking wounded

Last fall I should have listened to my instincts and gone ahead with surgery on the torn meniscus in my left knee. It had been popping out some last summer, but when it stopped acting weird going into winter I … Continue reading

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Not exactly razor sharp

I recall a workout during my peak competitive years in which the plan was to do a track session of 8 X 400M at a pace of 60-63 seconds each. I was sharpening for a track race in which my … Continue reading

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That about caps it all (the water bottle conundrum)

Water bottles are a necessity for endurance athletes. They help us hydrate under all kinds of conditions. But if you own a large collection of water bottles as most of us do, there is a big issue all of us … Continue reading

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The magic in a better wave of swimmers

    This morning the Master’s Swim program at Marmion Academy convened for a session at 5:30 a.m. We had plans afterward to head out after breakfast at the Double Yolk, a yummy spot for omelets and an annual congregation … Continue reading

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We all need something to build upon

Yesterday was a strength day at the gym. I can feel when I have not been there enough. Things get loose at the joints and my hips ache from weak connections. It is amazing how much better I feel running … Continue reading

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Fighting fires with unarmed truth

This morning a short headline appeared in my feed describing the fact that a firefighter had been killed battling forest fires in California. Perhaps you’ve seen video of that entire hillside in California pulsing with flames. Someone filmed it while … Continue reading

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Thinking triathlon thoughts

As we look ahead to the new year, we should ask ourselves what sorts of thinking should be taking place when it comes to training for the next season’s triathlons. Short stuff Well, that depends in part on the length … Continue reading

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Okay I’ve tried retirement in Florida. What’s next?

We’re staying in an elegantly constructed retirement community in Spring Hill, Florida. As my brother-in-law explained, it’s nice as retirement communities go, but not the most luxurious. He explained: “There’s one north of here that’s one of the wealthiest in … Continue reading

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Scratching out an existence

Climbing into a Boeing 737 Southwest Airlines jet in Chicago, I settled into the window seat next to my wife. Our flights to Florida and back were quite affordable, and we had family business to attend. There was a layover … Continue reading

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A missive from the MRI machine

My Black Friday (if you insist on calling that) began in the comfort of an MRI bed at our local hospital network. That would be Northwestern Medicine, the conglomerate that now owns a variety of hospitals across Northern Illinois. They … Continue reading

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