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For once a good time in the pool

Following my layoff from the pool due to life changes (all good) it has been interesting to return to swimming. This morning was almost revelatory, defined as…¬†“revealing something hitherto unknown.” How romantic, you might say! Well, it’s not too hard … Continue reading

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Back in the swim (of things)

Our wedding day was beyond even our expectations in terms of joy and fun and bonding with family and friends. The day seemed to radiate with love. And I mean that seriously. Our children and some boyfriends of Sue’s daughters … Continue reading

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The eyes have it

I lost a contact lens last week. That sent me to the eye doctor for an exam, because it’s been three years (I guess…) since the last prescription. That doesn’t mean I have not been to an eye doctor since. … Continue reading

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Nike Hijab and other fashion wonders

I love that Nike is coming out with clothing for Muslim women who want to compete in sports but maintain their religious tradition by doing so in Hijab. I watched a program about a women’s soccer team that wore less … Continue reading

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Far from washed up as a runner

I well remember the first time I thought I was washed up as a runner. During vacation I was running slowly down a long incline at Glacier National Park. My left hip felt sore. It really hurt. I was in … Continue reading

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Training partners or laundry mates?

I’ve always done my own laundry for the most part. Ironing too. I’m no pro mind you. Sometimes I forget to separate the darks and lights. Things like that. But I have learned to separate the performance running, cycling and … Continue reading

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Leaving negative self-image behind

Athletes can be frail beasts when it comes to the inner workings of the mind. All it takes for some people to suffer long-term effects¬†to self-image is one difficult race. That race might have been bad or good. Some people … Continue reading

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It’s AFFECT versus EFFECT in the pool

The water in the pool at 5:30 in the morning can seem like a shock to the skin. Three lanes down one of my fellow swimmers sat at pool’s edge taking deep breaths. She was trying to work up the … Continue reading

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Life in the Faust lane

As I swam in the outside lane of the Marmion pool, I glanced across the surface to measure my pace against the better swimmers in the middle lanes. They did not seem to be going much faster me, but I … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

Recently I heard about a devoted ultra-runner who tore her Achilles tendon during a 300-mile race. She wasn’t running when it happened. She was reaching over to grab something out of a car. People who know the woman speculated that … Continue reading

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