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A Tale of Two Fitness Centers

Last night I visited for the first time in a long time a fitness center to which I belonged more than twenty years ago. It was once owned by a friend of mine who bought the club with his credit … Continue reading

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Far from washed up as a runner

I well remember the first time I thought I was washed up as a runner. During vacation I was running slowly down a long incline at Glacier National Park. My left hip felt sore. It really hurt. I was in … Continue reading

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Keeping our wits about Cheerios and cancer

A couple weeks ago the story broke that the breakfast cereal CheeriosĀ® from General Mills is one of the products in which glyphosate was found in trace amounts. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in a Monsanto herbicide called RoundUp used … Continue reading

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Living by the rulers

I’ve been perfectly square for the last 15 years or so. By that, I mean that my inseam exactly matches my waist size, which is 34″. Being 34″ X 34″ all these years has been a product of some hard … Continue reading

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Making waves at the pool

This summer unlike many summers before, I purchased a pool pass to get in some swim practice. Last year I faked it through the only Sprint Triathlon I did, which required only a 400-meter swim before letting you emerge to … Continue reading

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Approaching fitness, training and life like a realist

The sports of swimming, running and triathlon are great for both men and women in terms of body image. They give you some degree of control over how much fat hangs out on your frame, and how your muscles look and perform.

Heavy Guy Getting PumpedNo, we don’t have perfect control over all that. And perception has much to do with how we ultimately conceive and project ourselves on the world. Our vanities sometimes expose our worst attributes. Continue reading

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