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Finding unity in a sweet season

This is the sixth in a series of articles about the Sweet Season of 1978, my college senior year when our Luther College team placed second in the nation in NCAA Division III cross country. To follow the chronological narrative … Continue reading

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No better place than Decorah, Iowa

As a freshman at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, the new environment around our college campus was a mystery. Those first few weeks looping around town in training for cross-country amounted to one unveiling after another. There were gravel roads … Continue reading

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A 20-miler in 80-degree heat and no water. Insane? Or just another day’s work…

In the early days of a warm September, our college cross country team was scheduled to run a 20-mile run. The route called for ten miles up to a school called North Winnishiek and back. We ran on the gravel … Continue reading

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Lifetimes to be experienced

This time of year is both immersing and bittersweet. This morning I birded a bike path next to the Fox River south of Batavia. There were hundreds of warblers and songbirds in the trees. I stopped to watch a Wood … Continue reading

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True stories. Strange tales.

I’ve seen a lot of strange things while out riding and running over the years. But the strangest had to be the tall guy dressed in white cowboy gear from head to toe.  And blood spattered down the front. He … Continue reading

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Drawing on experience and the art of what you do

  During my four years at Luther College, January Interim was like a pause during the school year. We took one course during the month and really dug into whatever we were studying.   Freshman year that meant a life … Continue reading

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August heat, two-a-days and the start of cross country season

It’s a humbling realization to think that this fall marks the 40th anniversary of my enrollment in Luther College. As a college freshman at that time, the entire college experience was a mystery. Luther was six hours from home. I’d … Continue reading

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Facing up to the beer and calories question

I love a good beer. These days there are plenty from which to choose. Craft brewing is now mainstream and breweries are popping up everywhere. One of the world’s top new breweries is located in the small town of Decorah, … Continue reading

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Commemorating 50 Years of Luther College Women’s Athletics

In 1975 when I enrolled as a freshman at Luther College, the very first two women signed up to compete in cross country. At the time I had no idea that women’s sports at the college had only started 10 years … Continue reading

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Sometimes fat is good if it is the size of your bike tires

By Christopher Cudworth A few years back while researching a magazine article on recreational opportunities in the Chicago area, I was tooling along one of the mountain biking trails in the Palos area, the hub of off-road cycling in northern Illinois. While … Continue reading

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