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130(+) miles and a great nap to show for it

Last weekend was a great chance to indulge in serious mileage on the bike. While I’m not a mega-mileage kind of guy these days, I still relish the chance to get out there and see the wheels spin beneath the … Continue reading

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No longer a fool in the pool

Today I felt good in the water. Perhaps you know the feeling too. After weeks or months or years of swimming, running or riding, you reach a point where things come together a bit. You feel the flow. My wife … Continue reading

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It’s a SAG thing

Out west in Tucson we had a SAG van trekking around the mountain roads with us to support our rides. Knowing the SAG truck is there can be quite comforting at times. It’s easy to get too hot or too … Continue reading

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Kick you fool

This weekend we’re heading up to Madison, Wisconsin to do the half-marathon. I’m simply hoping my tight old hips hold up all thirteen miles, but I’ll take what I can get. On Saturday, both Sue and I are having swim … Continue reading

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Madison Half Marathon greetings

The truth about running half marathons is that you really should train for them. That was evidenced by the performance of my fiancee Sue, who ran with confidence and decent cadence for all 13.1 miles of the race in Madison, … Continue reading

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