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50 years of running: Saying goodbyes and taking on a new life

As the school year wore down in 1970, the time for our family to move to Illinois soon arrived. My father moved out to Illinois after taking a job with an electronics company in rural Geneva. He lived in an … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Packing and unpacking life

Moving back into your parent’s house after four years of college isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time. But given the timing of my return to Illinois to start a new job in the fall of 1980, I had … Continue reading

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Step on the gas and wipe that tear away

The famous closing suite of songs on The Beatles album Abbey Road offers a ton of quotable lyrics. As spring leans toward summer here in Illinois, I’ve been thinking about a few of the transitions I’ve endured over the years. … Continue reading

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Packing it up but not packing it in

Yesterday the moving truck arrived at my home to haul the large furniture items from my house of 20 years to our new place. We’ve already moved two households of boxed goods. My process began two months ago, clearing out … Continue reading

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Better get a move on

When we prepare for a competitive event such as a triathlon, there are many moving parts that must fall into place. There’s the training for each sport with all its many challenges. Then there is always the equipment to consider … Continue reading

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Moving on

  In 1973 my father made the decision to move our family from Elburn, a town in the cornfields of Illinois, to a city in the far west reaches of Chicago’s suburbia. The move hurt because I was sixteen going on … Continue reading

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Get moving

In the early phases of my career in marketing, the company for whom I worked shipped me out East to Philadelphia from Chicago. The President of the company walked in my office one day (because he was the one that … Continue reading

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Even those who run and ride have still gotta move

By Christopher Cudworth Spring is the season for many people to move. Everyone goes through that experience in one way or another. Unless you’re part of a Royal Family, it seems we all move a few times in life. The last … Continue reading

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