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Turning too fast and all that garbage

A few years back when I was first putting in big miles on my road bike, I came to a turn at the juncture of two semi-rural roads. It had rained slightly that morning. When I leaned into the right … Continue reading

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Assessing the damage

In a long and athletic life so far, I’ve had my share of injuries and done some interesting damage to my body. The most recent is a dodgy knee that requires serious medical attention. That’s an injury I’ve been hoping … Continue reading

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The serious psychological business of a cycling or running comeback

By Christopher Cudworth with Monte Wehrkamp It is a painful, difficult challenge coming back from a major injury. The higher the level of sport in which you participate, the more difficult the task of reaching your former level of performance. … Continue reading

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What to do after the tar snake of a bad race

By Christopher Cudworth Sooner or later, we all have a bad race. Running into trouble If you’re a runner, you might have planned all year for a marathon, and things went sour somewhere along the way. Or that half-marathon you … Continue reading

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