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Open water confessions

One of the benefits of training for a triathlon with a club is the motivation of shared experiences. Whether you’re an expert able to give advice to a beginning athlete, or someone starting out who is eager to learn, training … Continue reading

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When nothing hurts

  Riding in the van with a group of five women at the Experience Triathlon camp in Arizona, our driver Sarah, a massage therapist by trade, was listening to each and every gal in the vehicle detail their recent injury histories. … Continue reading

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Meet Maura, a great little runner to know

A few weeks ago following an Experience Triathlon Run Club, I sat and talked with Elena Tawney, a former high school runner and soccer player that has taken up the triathlon. We shared some stories about running and she brought … Continue reading

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Triathlons bring out the beast or just the best of us

Yes, all this sounds pathetic in some respect. But it’s par for the course to be nervous about some aspect of the triathlon when you’re starting out. Some find the idea of riding a bike in traffic disarming, or find the run portion daunting. Yet as you train you eventually overcome your fears. Then come longer courses and challenges like open water swims, hilly bikes and hot runs. That’s the so-called “charm” of the sport. It never really gets easier. You just go longer, faster or grow obsessed in the process. Continue reading

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This Century wasn’t about me, but I still learned a lot

That’s the wonderful thing about cycling. It is an egalitarian sport. In fact political libertarians should love cycling for its independant spirit. Men and women simply most show respect to one another. And while the top levels of the sport may see differences in overall speed between world class men and women, that is no differentiating factor in the day-to-day world of cycling. Continue reading

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Liv Cycling’s newest Ambassador shares the joys of cycling and triathlon

By Christopher Cudworth Sarah Wangerin Farsalas is a resident of Wheaton, Illinois. But that’s just a point of reference for the spectrum of highly mobile adventures in which she engages. Farsalas is first and foremost a mother of three children. That keeps … Continue reading

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A shared run for the ages

We give it time so that time gives something back to us. We amuse ourselves watching the high school kids and other running groups share the trail with us. We marvel at how these endurance sports have grown into something men and women share together. It’s all good. Continue reading

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A 70.3 triathlon tale of perseverance, sisterly love and a coach who knows the sport

by Christopher Cudworth Even more than the individual sports of cycling, running or swimming, triathlon is a sport of the early hours. The distances covered and the time it takes to cover them require an early enough start to accommodate all sorts … Continue reading

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Time out of mind in the triathlon

By Christopher Cudworth The beach in Racine, Wisconsin must be shockingly cold in wintertime. There is nothing stopping the winds from the northeast with 300 miles of cold and sullen lake to put a murderous chill in the wind. But … Continue reading

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