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An unexpected climb on the Great Western Trail

Having lived in the Fox Valley region of Illinois for many years, I vividly recall fast-moving freight trains from the Great Western line crossing the bridge over the Fox River through downtown St. Charles. Those trains would sometimes veer off … Continue reading

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Races that stand out in your mind

I suppose it would be possible to go back and count all the races. All those times toeing the starting line. Looking around at your competitors. Wondering how the body and mind will respond on that day. In that moment. … Continue reading

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All bets are on the women in this race

Somewhere in the middle of the pack of 2500 participants at the Naperville Women’s Half Marathon, a lone male figure came trotting past. He was wearing a number, so he was not a bandit. The small crowd gathered at an … Continue reading

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The 10 mile experiment

What I learned from my ten-mile experiment is simple. I’m not ready to run a half marathon because there are too many weaknesses in my foundation and training to justify a run of that length. If my pace fell off from the low 8:00s I was running early in the 10-miler it was not because I was winded, but because I was struggling with a numbness and shakey feeling down below the hip line Continue reading

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The Truman Show is still running when it comes to climate change

The news came in 2-4″ of snow is predicted this weekend for Wisconsin. In case you’re geographically challenged, or live in a country far away (and there are many who read this blog who do) that’s the state just north … Continue reading

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It’s a long way to Boston any way you run

So my friend Russ Bauch was running the Fox Valley Marathon in an attempt to qualify for Boston. He missed by only 30 seconds, due primarily to some cramping in his legs in the final two miles of the race. … Continue reading

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Did you have a good summer?

This time of year it is inevitable to think back on the months of June, July and August and ask yourself, “Did I have a good summer?” So I’m going to offer up a little perspective to help you think … Continue reading

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The speed question

As a cyclist the most I’ve been able to accomplish is to avoid getting a ton slower than I was 10 years ago when I started. Some might say that’s a pretty fair accomplishment. It’s not easy to go faster … Continue reading

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The sweet music of a summer run

It’s been a bit chaotic the last couple days. My girlfriend’s beautiful little cat Bennie got out of the house and hasn’t come back in. Last night I had him in my hands for a second but he’s a feisty … Continue reading

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The joy and purpose of new running shoes

Over the weekend both Sue and I wound up in possession of new Saucony shoes. We both wear the same model and for similar reasons. Our orthotics come from the same pedorthist. We both need minimal drop and enough width … Continue reading

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