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50 Years of Running: Adventures in Race Direction

Working for the Boy Scouts of America in 1985, I inherited leadership of the annual Friends of Scouting 10K. Like most races in that era, the event drew between 200-300 people who paid an entry fee of $20-$30 for the … Continue reading

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50 Years of Running: Exhaust fumes and lane changes

By November of 1984, I’d raced enough that by the 17th of November when I ran a 20:17 four-mile… that should have been enough to call it quits. But then my former coach and then-business associate Trent Richards got involved … Continue reading

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The mixture of joy and relief after a hard race

The desire to compete in races comes from many different places within us. For some, it is a test of resolve. For others, a raw test of fitness. But it’s always about proving oneself in the face of difficulty. You’re … Continue reading

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Do you have a place to hone your speed?

By Christopher Cudworth Ever since I was a little kid holding a watch in my grubby little fist waiting for the second hand to reach twelve, I have held fascination with getting faster. Back then our side yard was the … Continue reading

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White ovals take endurance event marketing to a new level

By Christopher Cudworth Businessman Jim Varga has a history of innovation with data and product fulfillment. His company Neofill built its reputation creating consumer connections for radio and other industries. The company has earned an A- rating from the Better … Continue reading

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