Getting Felt up and still riding

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Two years ago in October I drove into the garage of my house with my Felt 4C bike still perched on the roof of my Subaru. It bent the front fork but as it turned out, the main frame of the bike is fine. I was thinking about a change anyway. I had saved up to purchase a new bike and bought a Specialized Venge Expert that I’ve ridden for two seasons. It races great, but the geometry can be a little aggressive for rides of four hours or more.

So my plan is to restore the get the Felt up and riding again.

The new front fork just arrived, and cost about $250. I also need a new crankset and front derailleur since that setup migrated to the Waterford when I fixed up that bike a year ago. The Waterford frame is a bit small for me since it was originally owned by my brother-in-law who stands 5’10”. I’m 6’1.5″. But the bike rides so smooth I’ll sometimes perch on it with the setup configured or my height and enjoy the sensation of that classic ride.

Felt Bike ShinyYet as I stared at the frame of that Felt the last year I started thinking about bringing it back on line. It will cost about $600 to do so, but I kept the wheels and handlebars, seat stem and seat. It should not take that much work to get it back and running.

It’s fun to have a couple options on which to ride. I figure that will increase my enthusiasm and make every ride feel like it is new again. Why not enjoy a little variety in life? Getting the Felt up and riding again just sounds like a good idea. Let the Red Rocket return!


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