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Red light, green light

When my children were little and there was nothing to do in the house, we’d sometimes play a game called Red Light, Green Light. It was a simple game but one that also required concentration and reaction. One person would … Continue reading

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We all shine on

It has been five years to the day since the woman to whom I was married for 28 years passed away. On March 26, 2013 she died quietly in the living room of our home where over the last couple … Continue reading

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On being a stepping stone

Last Friday the scheduled MRI for my dodgy left knee got dumped when I showed up at the wrong hospital. Actually I showed up at the right hospital for the first appointment I’d made, but an opportunity to visit a … Continue reading

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Think purple for Pat Hill today

For all its Big Box glory and global commerce, America still tries to support its local treasures. One of those local treasures sits in the little town of Kaneville, 45 miles west of Chicago. As a farming town for more … Continue reading

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Parallel journeys and new dimensions

Today’s blog on We Run and Ride relates to author Christopher Cudworth’s book The Right Kind of Pride, an inspiration book about his wife’s 8 year journey through ovarian cancer survivorship and the character, caregiving and community that supported them. The book is featured in … Continue reading

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The antithesis of fitness

By Christopher Cudworth Having spent all of my life exercising my brains and guts out, running so far and so long that my body almost evaporated several times in the heat, it can be hard at times to pause and … Continue reading

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Is 12/12/12 a supposedly lucky day? Well, bring it on.

A year ago this morning my wife Linda emerged from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor at the base of her pelvis. The surgeon also repaired a hernia resulting from several previous surgeries. For 7 years my wife has been … Continue reading

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