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Not a second to waste

The wonders of technology have transformed racing to an instant gratification cycle in which we do our endurance stuff, then turn to our watches or Garmin or Strava devices and know instantly how it went down. In those respects, technology … Continue reading

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On roots and transitions

The transition of ownership and management in world of farming is one of the vexing challenges for families that have passed land down from one generation to the next. “The older generation struggles to let go of the reins,” says … Continue reading

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Toilet seat training and what it means to triathletes

Whump. Growing up in a family of four boys, there was not much call to put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Had we the pleasure of a middle sister or so, the complaints might have seeped … Continue reading

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Really fun ‘trime’ in triathlon

Emerging from the swim at the Naperville Sprint Triathlon, I glanced down at my watch chronometer and it still read 0:00. We’d waited so long to begin the swim by setting off in random groups of four that I’d completely … Continue reading

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It’s all about the transitions

Turns out you could actually use a little time in transition to reassess your values and figure out the many things in life that are not so perfect about you. Some might even be painfully neglected. A dose of reality and humility can be the toughest transition of all. That’s one of the tarsnakes of life. Continue reading

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