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The swim champion in lane two

I swam next to a state champion in the pool this morning. She’s just graduated from high school and will be going to the University of Cincinnati this fall. One of the coaches in the Master’s swim program described her … Continue reading

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It’s always a good time for cats like us to have fun

The reason I trekked to the indoor track this morning is simple. Our cats were clean out of food. That meant a trip to the local grocery store was necessary. Otherwise their might be riots in our house. The grocery … Continue reading

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From paper boy to pool boy

The first three minutes when you wake up at 4:45 a.m. to go swimming at 5:30 a.m. can be pure hell. Typically you’re waking from a deep sleep at that hour. With your head still pinned to a pillow and … Continue reading

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Digging the indoor swim vibe

Sunday mornings are often the time when weekend athletes get to compete. That’s when the streets are most quiet and facilities like high school pools are open for use by people outside the school community.   This weekend, the vibe … Continue reading

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We used to play Nigger Under the Woodpile at the pool

By Christopher Cudworth The back of my hands smell like it. The pool. Like chlorine. I swam today the best I could, without treading too much water. Payed attention to the way my arms cut past my ears. The hands, … Continue reading

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