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50 Years of Running: Our own little Field of Dreams

At some point either when I worked at the Chronicle or not long after that, the editor Dave Heun recruited a bunch of his buddies to form a softball team and join the Leisure League in St. Charles. Dave wasn’t … Continue reading

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Some naked wisdom from the Old Guys at the pool

Many years back when I first took swim lessons with the aim of becoming a triathlete, I swam at a local recreation center attached to a high school. The pool was a 50 meter wonder once used by the perennial state-level … Continue reading

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Gotta Love A Locker Room

The timeworn cliche of a rough old coach on the playing field calling an end to practice by yelling, “Hit the lockers, boys…” may not be what it used to be. Times have changed. Some kids refuse to use the locker … Continue reading

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