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Ups and Downs and Sideways too

Cycling down a long descent northeast of Galena, Illinois, I thought I was going slow enough to be safe coming into a thirty-degree curve ahead. I was wrong. At the moment when my bike and body started to angle across … Continue reading

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How is your relationship with the wind?

During the Amgen Tour of California the peloton encountered an open plain in the arid land around Sacramento. The race only listed the wind at 6 mph, but any cyclist watching the broadcast could tell that was a lie. Teams … Continue reading

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Through clouds and winds and mountains

We’re called Flatlanders here in Illinois for a reason. The terrain does not feature many hills, much less mountains. 150 miles to the north, west of Madison, there are plenty of hills. We travel there to ride the Ironman course … Continue reading

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And then the wind kicked up

Whitewater, Wisconsin is in the southeast corner of the state. It’s about an hour and a half drive from the Chicago area, and a friend once attended college there. So we drove up the night before and avoided drinking for … Continue reading

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The wind is bully good outside

Winds with gusts of more than 50 mph are blowing through the Chicago region this morning. I sat with my little dog on the couch listening to the wind and whispering to him. The house creaked and he jumped. Then … Continue reading

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A solo cyclist’s survival guide to springtime winds

It’s not generally practical to ride your bike in a group every time you go out. That means there will be days when you’re going solo or with just one buddy on the road. That can be tough for everyone … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s really hard to trust a good old American flag

By Christopher Cudworth At the start of a long run or ride, it’s always helpful to know which way the wind is blowing. As a matter of practice, it pays to know where there are flags to study wind direction. … Continue reading

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