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There’s only so much sex the world can take

We subscribe to Direct TV for our television programming. When we moved into our house, our connections were all from AT&T. But by some vagary of local wiring, the data was so slow and the Internet so patchy we had … Continue reading

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Are you ready for some knee porn?

When the orthopedic surgeon showed me photos from my recent meniscus repair surgery, I was a little shocked. The images looked like something you might find on a porn site dedicated to prurient naughty part closeups. Every image was salacious … Continue reading

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Nude selfies and other truth-telling

Don’t worry. You’ll find no nude selfies of me in today’s blog. But let’s be honest here. We all take them once in a while. If not nude, then at least partially clothed to check on our bodies. How do … Continue reading

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Not appearing anytime soon on a magazine cover

The other day when Triathlon magazine showed up at my girlfriend’s house, she rightly made this sound when glancing at the cover. “Ohmmmmm….” Because the cover showed a hunked up, perfectly smooth and fit body of a young male triathlete. He … Continue reading

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The tarsnake of roadside pornography lives on in the Information Highway

by Christopher Cudworth, We Run and Ride 25 years ago, before the Internet was even invented, pornography was produced in print form and video. Digital porn was just starting to makes its inroads in the living rooms and computers of … Continue reading

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