Look, she’s fifty!

My sister-in-law Julie Dunn turned fifty years old this week. Behind the scenes, my wife Sue plotted several surprises including a party for her sister. It all turned out marvelous.

A couple months ago we collaborated on a design for a 50th cycling jersey in her honor. We came up with a wine-themed design including a wine bottle that stretched from the back pocket up to the neck that said “Aged to Perfection.”

The overall kit designs were based on the work of the artist Mondrian. There’s an additional element of neo-classicism in that color scheme for cycling given the fact that the cycling brand LOOK long ago adopted the Mondrian theme years ago for its logo.


I had some socks that had the same color theme but one of them got lost in the laundry. Guess I’ll have to Look a little harder for that other sock now.

Kits and 50.pngTogether the kits made us look like we were an actual organized team (or something.) In truth, our morning objective was to either ride 50K or 50 minutes, whichever came first. Then we’d dive into the quiche and mimosas that Sue had waiting for us back at the house.

Julie and Mike.jpgGiven the windy conditions and the fact that Julie has been jetting back and forth between Texas and Illinois reorganizing her life at age fifty, we didn’t want to drag her too far in what became a vicious April wind. It turned out to be a nice hourlong ride with a stop for some photos (with her beau Mike) at a 50 MPH road sign out in the country.

It was a great way to wish her Happy Birthday as additional friends and family showed up for the party portion of the day. But we have lots of nice beer left over, so you’re welcome to stop by anything for a free bottle or five.

Kits picxThe only question remaining is why I Look so GIANT in this group photo (I’m at far right). Sue is 5’9″ and I’m 6′ 1 1/2″. But I look like a relative of the half-giant Hagrid from Giant logoHarry Potter. I look so freakishly tall.

Granted, I also need to lose 10 lbs of winter fat. I’ll cop to that. But if I keep growing at the rate of this photo, I’ll need a 70 cm bike by July.

Does Giant even make bikes that big? They make them that big-time expensive, for sure. $11K will get you this Giant Propel. Someday, perhaps. Someday. But it looks like it needs some LOOK pedals. And I already have those. Propel-Advanced-SL-0-Disc_Color-A_Carbon_RT

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