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50 Years of Running: An end to the city experiment

For almost two years my roommate and I made the best of our city life together. But both our lives were starting to change. His graduate work in exercise physiology at the University of Illinois-Chicago was winding down, and my … Continue reading

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The ins and outs of the common cold

So I went home and laid down. Then my brothers called me on the phone and said, “Hey, we’re going down to Mother’s in Chicago tonight. Wanna come?” And of course I did. I wound up drinking and dancing until three in the morning. Frankly, I got home feeling much better. Go figure. Continue reading

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Running and riding into lack of sleep

By Christopher Cudworth My training companion and I determined a few years back, when we were dumb enough to think such things, that the only thing standing in the way of increased training and better performance was the time we … Continue reading

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Thank God for zinc in fighting the common cold

By Christopher Cudworth I don’t get paid for product endorsements, so what you are about to read is a simple personal testimonial for a type of product that truly works in easing the risk and length of the common cold. … Continue reading

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Dealing with the tarsnake of the common cold is always a gamble

By Christopher Cudworth Through some very hard-won experience, I consider myself an expert on the common cold. A cold history As a committed athlete since elementary school days, and an endurance athlete since middle school, there have been countless encounters … Continue reading

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