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The Matrix is real in a really organic way

People have long been fond of movies that hint at a reality that exists, yet we just don’t recognize. The Matrix series starring Keanu Reaves was one such enterprise. Its premise centered around the idea that life was a digital … Continue reading

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Achieving a state of bliss when you run and ride

By Christopher Cudworth Definition: Bliss 1.¬†Extreme happiness; ecstasy. 2.¬†The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy. For point of reference in terms of achieving a state of bliss from running and riding it is perhaps necessary to step outside the confines of … Continue reading

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For those who run and ride, the right car can be a Godsend

By Christopher Cudworth Anyone who runs and rides knows it is important to have the right support vehicle to enjoy your activities. A good car has to be reliable, get decent gas mileage, hold a roof rack and have storage … Continue reading

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